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About The Firm

The attorneys of the Schneider Law Firm have experience and skills needed to handle your family law, divorce, criminal defense, parole or probation case. Call us today. For a free case evaluation that will inform you about the available options regarding your legal matter, call the Schneider Law Firm today.


Criminal Defense

DWIs, domestic violence, theft and drug crimes are all very serious offenses that could result in large fines or even jail time. If you're in need of a criminal defense attorney that can help, call us today.

Family Law

Are you dealing with family violence, child custody, or trying to get visitation rights? Let the Schneider Law Firm provide the representation needed to get the outcome you deserve.

Parole & Probation

Having an experienced attorney represent you during a parole or probation hearing can make a huge difference. See how working with an attorney can help you by calling today.